Intergender wrestling, also known as mixed wrestling is a type of professional wrestling match between a man and a woman, and may also refer to tag team
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27 Jan 2011 Mixed Wrestling - What is Mixed Wrestling or Intergender Wrestling? Professional wrestling has become a huge part of entertainment industry,
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PPW: Mena Libra Vs. Tommy Treznik ( Mixed MV Music Video) Intergender Match 02:23 · PPW: Mena Libra Vs. Tommy Treznik (Mi... Taken from Pure Pro Wrestling's
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Mixed wrestling with facesitting and knockout /give opinion! Intergender ( Mixed ) professional wrestling ; From : jamaica247; 0 comments | added 1117 days
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Channel: Northern Championship Wrestling . Match Type: Pro Matches | Mixed This is an interesting inter-gender six person tag team match as Project 13
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Jump to Modern mixed wrestling ‎: Instead, mixed tag team matches which first began to take However, a few smaller independent promotions such as All Pro Wrestling , Mixed wrestling is often an arrangement between a man and a
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Luna ventures into Mixed , Inter-Gender pro wrestling matches. An enjoyable
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9 Aug 2010 This video is a response to Beyond Wrestling - Hailey Hatred
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Intergender ( Mixed ) professional wrestling ; From : jamaica247; 0 comments
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19 Sep 2010 coming with loads of videos: intergender wrestling, mixed
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Triple Threat Mixed Intergender Wrestling - from WN Network. 30-21 Top 50 Pro Wrestlers of the past 25 years: Chris Benoit 2010 WWE Royal Rumble results